Each and every member of our outstanding team of over 100 programmers has been meticulously selected through a rigorous screening process. They all hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or Software Engineering, have expertise in their field and make up our winning development team.
I-rox developed a unique model for recruiting the most outstanding programmers in the market, allowing our customers to enjoy outstanding software developers at low costs

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Tight timetable?
Lack in human resources?
You need outstanding programmers ASAP?
i-rox supplies high-value low-cost software development solutions.

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Rutie Margalit, Co-CEO, I invite you to a guided tour of our company, to see our team of talented girls and learn about some of the projects we executed.
Let’s open our appointment books:
My cell phone is: 050-3040454
and my e-mail address is: rutm@i-rox.net